Creating visuals excites us the most

We feel so excited when we have a challenge to translate ideas into visuals. We always aim to create visuals that speak out the idea and blow the mind of the targeted audience. We believe that every single project has it’s own character and based on that we try our best to absorb the costumer’s concept then take the initiative to bring this idea to the outside world into attractive visuals that will communicate the concept in the right way and for sure leave an impact.

How we do that!

We use our knowledge and skills in marketing, communication and design to create visuals that keep up to date with all the new trends in the creative world. We also find it interesting to cooperate with creative people from all over the world, which makes creating visuals more and more exciting.

in simple words

We create: logo’s, visual identities, posters, flyers, publications, books, social media content, 3D Modelling and animation, 2D animation, websites, photos and videos.

Thank you Alpha!

Z CONCEPT is supported by the awesome team of Alpha Technology Group, which is a pioneering company in the digital solutions world. Through our cooperation with Alpha, we are proudly able to work on big scale projects and expand our creative vision.

    Our team

    creating visuals is my passion

    Nothing excites me more than creating visuals and translating thoughts into colors, fonts and shapes. With an eye for details I always aim to create visuals that deliver the idea and leave an impact. I see creativity everywhere and in everything. My imagination, drawing, graphic design, making photos and films those are my tools that help bring all my ideas to the outside world. 

    Zo Alfeqar Mohammad

    Creative director

    Meaningful stories

    As a filmmaker, I’m always curious about people’s stories. Whether those are personal portraits in documentary form, or promotion movies, my goal is to tell meaningful stories that are visually appealing to watch. With a background in Cultural Anthropology, i’m especially interested in social topics and the question that moves people.

    Melissa Vermeulen


    We love our clients!

    Zo Alfeqar  and I are working together for a couple of years now. I remember being very impressed when he first presented the new logo of our project SamenDoorSamen. It was an inspirational presentation about the thoughts behind the colours, figures and fonts with which he created a completely new visual identity for us. From that moment onwards he has been our graphic designer who knows how to translate the feel of our projects in to visual concepts.

    Daphne Hebing

    Project Coordinator, Stichting Mano

    Muriel Terwindt

    Co-owner, B2B LAB

    Vincent Konings

    Director and producer, Kingswood films

    We have developed a fantastic partnership with the media. Our website is evidence of their dedication in all aspects of the website. We do appreciate their attention to all details and make a unique creative approach .

    Mounir Hemzawi

    Director, Results

    Working with Z CONCEPT was a real pleasure, they understood our project’s vision really quick and added their magical touch on it! We didn’t need any review, everything was perfect from the first draft. Looking forward to working together again on new adventures 😉

    Jonathan Söra

    Music producer, EXODE

    With our start up The Swapshop we are aiming to reduce the overconsumption of fashion. For us it is essential to explain our concept and mission to the world around us. Thats why we are extraordinary happy that Zo Alfeqar dared to dive in our adventure in such an early stage of our business. He helped us to formulate a clear brand statement and asked the right questions at the right moment. He literally helped us to formulate what we already knew from within in: Who we are from the heart. After we gathered this information we wrote all our brainwaves down send it to Zo Alfeqar. It was silent for a while, until we got a call: “the proposal is ready”. Zo Alfeqar took us through a presentation with four proposals of possible brand identities. We picked one, gave our feedback and ended up with awesome colors, logo and visuals. What I love the most about his collab is his flexibility to think and change with us. His eagerness to understand who we really are and his humor, which made all the meetings pleasant. Based on the website we ended up with a very awesome website. Zo Alfeqar is a modest hard worker with experience, passion, empathy and awesomeness! No doubt to work with him! ❤️

    Monique Drent

    Co-founder, THE SWAPSHOP

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